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Ideal temperature for rinsing chemically-treated hair

November 4th, 2010

Q. Permit me to ask your professional opinion about a situation I have encountered while attending a class on Double Process Blonding. As I have always rinsed the hair with cool water, I was surprised to learn from this instructor that the opinion had changed and that the water recommendation was now “as warm as the client can tolerate.” The theory being warm water was more effective in releasing “Quats” from the hair.

I have a double process blonde client that I have had for many years. Her hair is fine and fragile, but I have always had good success, as I am meticulous about proper application and timing. After attending this class, I began using much warmer water on her hair. I also have tried some new bleaches, but always with 20 volume peroxide. She is experiencing significant breakage and I am very concerned about this situation. I would love to know your recommendation on water temperature and if you think this could be the cause of the damage. I have used many different bleaches on her over the years and have NEVER seen this reaction before. The only thing of significant difference is using very warm, as opposed to cool/cold water. I have questioned her about nutrition and medication and the only change is she began taking Vitorin about a year ago. I would appreciate your opinion in this matter as I am very concerned about the possible cause. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jan, Centennial, CO.

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